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How to Register and Become A Certified Factory
1. Fill-out an online application here .
· After filling out an on-line application, the Facility Contact will receive an email confirming that the application was received. This email will provide a facility WRAP ID number in the subject header, which will be the same WRAP reference number every year. You can use this WRAP ID and a password you create to keep track of your application and certification process. The person listed as the Factory Contact is also the person who ultimately receives the Certificate of Compliance.
2. Payment
· After filling out the on-line application, a US$895 annual registration fee is due payable to Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP). Payment Information will be sent with an invoice when the applicant registrers online. When WRAP receives payment, a confirmation of payment email will be sent to the factory contact listed in the on-line application. After the factory contact has received a payment confirmation, please proceed to arrange for an inspection of your facility with WRAP accredited monitor.
3. Select a WRAP Accredited Monitor
· Go to www.wrapapparel.org and select a monitor. Arrange an inspection of your facility. Each monitoring firm has its own pricing schedule, so contact them to obtain a price quote. Monitoring fees are payable directly to the audit/monitoring firms.
· Note: Facilities have six months grace period from the date of payment to have a successfully completed audit and have a monitor report and recommendation submitted to WRAP by the auditors. In the event that facilities receive a corrective action (CAP) evaluation from the monitoring firm, facilities must resolve corrective action within the six-month grace period timeframe. If it takes longer than six months for a completed audit and recommendation, facilities are obligated to pay another registration fee of US$895.
4. Confirm with monitor when the report/recommendation was submitted to WRAP.
5. Contact WRAP to confirm report was received or log-into your account and check the status.
6. Board reviews the report
· Once WRAP receives the monitor report and recommendations, the board of directors reviews the report and approves or denies certification. This process normally takes 2-3 weeks after the report is received at WRAP.
7. Approval/Un-announced Follow-up
· Following approval, Certificates of Compliance will be sent by international courier to the Factory Contact/Factory Manager. Please ensure that the address listed for the factory is not a P.O. box or else we will not be able to deliver the certificate by courier and there will be a delay in your receiving the Certificate of Compliance.

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